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The NCK2 (TTL) optical scale with glass measuring support is particularly suitable for CNC machine tools. It can have resolutions up to 10 nm and a class of accuracy up to ± 1 μm. Its seals are of an inexhaustible type, along the transducer’s sliding side and attached to the two side ends. Innovative device within the line for the disposal of liquids from non-efficient filtration systems.The special seals and the device for the disposal of liquids provide excellent protection of the reticulum from the refrigerant liquids often used for the processing of the parts.

Metrological certification attached to eachline.

Featured linear thermal expansion coefficient λ= 8 x 10-6 °C-1.

Using of the steerable connection cable.

Accommodated connector in the tube seal of the transducer.

Reference indexes with coded pitch, or with constant pitch, with predetermined or selectable positions.

Remarkable accuracy and stability of signals even in the presence of high speeds, high accelerations and vibrations. Protected against power supply polarity inversion and output short circuits. Small external dimensions, to allow installation in confined spaces. Interchangeable with the previous NCS model.

Pressurization filtration system available on request.




Posted on

24 March 2022