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The optical scale is an instrument of great importance for measuring high precision linear movements.

The principle of operation is similar to that of the encoder.

On an element it is deposited through photo-engraving, a constant-step chrome mesh. A reading head generates impulses through optical reading of the chrome mesh. The photo-engraving technology of the chrome mesh allows for high and precise reading resolutions. Logan, in this regard, specializes in the field of optical lines, with a wide range of resolutions and lengths. The minimum external dimensions make them indispensable in applications on small machine tools. The characteristics that operators seek in these technologically advanced equipments are the high reliability, stability and speed of results. These are the objectives pursued by the company that is committed to the realization and sale of:

  • Optical scales for grinding bench milling machines
  • Modular optical scales
  • Metric wheels

Posted on

24 March 2022