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The angular position transducer is an electromechanical device that converts the angular position of its rotating axis into digital numeric electrical signals. Two parts can be distinguished: the body that forms the fixed part and contains the electrical component and the rotor, which forms the rotating part, which normally ends with a shaft to be connected to the axis of which you want to read.

At this regard Logan is a renowned company that is based in Voltana, but serves numerous customers both nationally and internationally. This company deals with the marketing of those rotary measuring systems commonly known in electronic engineering as encoder, which can be incremental and absolute. Logan proposes:

  • Cable shaft encoder Increasional and linear encoder instruments for measuring
  • Rotary and linear incremental encoders
  • Instruments for measuring axis displacement

EN 38

Incremental optical encoder

EN 515

Rotating optical encoder

EN 500 EN 600

Incremental Encoder


Absolute optical encoder