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In the field of electronics since 1976
The company was born in Turin in 1976, favored by the expansion of the industry of those years and by the need of small workshops to automate their traditional systems.

The digital readout is considered by all an innovative tool, which allows operators to save time in production.

Logan proposes its first models that respond to market needs, and immediately gains the confidence of users for its characteristics of precision and innovation.

It realizes a new and unique measuring system in its kind: the rack.

More compact than those in use until now, that allows an easy and fast assembly, robust and reliable usable both on machine tools with great dimensions, and in the realities where the dimensions are more contained, every day Rambaudi, we can consider ourselves market leader in the field of measuring systems.

In the next decade we begin the design of the first machine quotes with satisfactory results. The ideas and results are always appreciated by Italian manufacturers such as: Sachman, Mecophoperism every business, Rambaudi.

At the end of the 80s, technology becomes more and more sophisticated, our customers have ever greater demands for precision.

Another measurement system is introduced on the market, the linear transduction that uses a photo-etched glass ruler that guarantees precision levels of a few microns / Mt.

Today new reading systems have been introduced: photo-etched steel and magnetic. Always attentive to the changes that electronics and automation make, updated and competitive, in a market that is becoming more demanding every day. Improving and enhancing products is the basis of our philosophy, which has allowed us to obtain current results.

The technical studios that collaborate with us are always looking for new ideas, which can favor sector operators.

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